Made small level pack for DOOM II

2017-03-31 16:46:12 by TheSoulScream

My first small level pack for DOOM II using GZdoom Builder R2787

Short Adventure from retro game's, have only 5 map's





Important notes:
it's working only on GZDoom 2.2.0 x32 (x64) or Zdoom 2.8.1


Some New Projects, i guess

2017-01-13 22:49:06 by TheSoulScream

I don't know what to write and don't know what posting.

1-I'm still making music and have some unfinished songs, still don't know how to finished. on 2017 my first music:

1.5-My previous game Devilery Of Sins was awful so much and understand why, by the way if you interested look-->

2-Making two games in MultiMedia Fusion 2 (ClickTeam Fusion) this took alot time because game Devilery For Sins was horrible and knowning what i'm missing and started making new one or two and i'm making new game with only my graphic and only my music there sceenshot from very first alpha game, it's look ugly but maybe literally "maybe" will be good game, simple experimental quest about life or something else, still working on it.

Soundtrack for that game-->

Temporary title (Day Of Life)

Second game will be platform with multi-genre for example run'n'jump, run'n'gun, run'n'run. Using sprites by Kenney





My Unreleased Tracks

2015-09-06 12:13:52 by TheSoulScream

I have many ideas to make music but have problem don't know how to finished or continue my music so i made that album


1. Path of darkness - 00:03
2. Emptyness - 00:37
3. Falling Leaf - 01:41 
4. Sleepless night - 02:40
5. Old Way - 03:10
6. Sweet Snow - 03:36
7. Leading Piano - 04:12
8. Untitled 5 - 04:55
9. Untitled 4 - 05:52
10. Untitled 3 - 06:41
11. White Sun - 07:10
12. Untitled - 07:40
13. Untitled 2 - 08:08

Delivery For Sins Full Version

2014-12-23 16:22:49 by TheSoulScream

Avoid ConfusionThe time has come to a complete version of the game

what contain full version

- 3 Endings + 1 Secret Ending and mini ending meaning title of game

- Weird plot

- Extra content

- Secrets!!!


Download: Delivery For Sins v1.0.1

Mini Fix:

Fixed Music, Sound and Video should work fine



Coming Soon Almost Full (Delivery For Sins) Game

2014-11-15 12:46:52 by TheSoulScream

i make some changes

1.make cutscene2903370_141607336072_asda.png

2.Add new levels2903370_141607342321_NEWGAME11.png


3. almost mean full game taste like beta version

2903370_141607352792_193918.png game it's not like Crysis 6 or Grand Theft Auto 8 i just make for fun or it's a hobby

Delivery For Sins (Demo)

2014-10-07 19:08:24 by TheSoulScream

That name of my game Delivery For Sins

if someone want look go ahead and download

but i warning you it's raw demo and buggy laggy game


Raw Demo

My first game presentation, this raw demo or alpha
just want to show how my game look, so much material it is necessary to finish
well in the game, some levels do not have music, enemies and weapons
and of course the grammatical errors, game in future will be longer to complete game and will be normal cutscenes and many many more
I'll hope you like the game
Sorry For my bad English
W A S D --- Move Character
J - shooting
K - Jump
L - Interaction (doors, levers)
W - Enter to Bigs Doors
BackSpace - Skip CutScene

And there no saves and no collision detector i mean be careful to jump or you will stuck and over again start game from beginning, on some levels i forget add back Button so can stuck on level

Still Working on my game it's took longer well here when you die it's will come


Working on game

2014-09-27 06:46:15 by TheSoulScream

making game on Multimedia Fusion 2, it's will be just simple shooter platform, nothing much to expect of the game is not necessary

Screenshot 2

not so soon or soon, will release demo version or just presentation if i messed up something later upload source about my game


that red square it's collision detector, and add some horror theme


New Experimental Genre

2010-04-10 19:17:39 by TheSoulScream

i make somes music and they have wierd genre i don't know how title anyway listen and tell me what you think /324665 /324667

Remix from game Devil may cry by capcom and also my first cancelled game "DIMENSION world of games" anyway i still working on my remix and think make my new game


2009-09-26 12:23:16 by TheSoulScream

old songs stay alive and never die XD